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Game Day USA is a sports event management organization based in Naperville, Illinois.

Game Day USA specializes in weekend athletic events in family vacation destinations. The organization, founded by Rich Janor in 2005, has emerged as a national leader in creating innovative sporting events for all ages and levels in baseball, fast pitch softball, and themed running races.

Game Day USA operates  events in several different states, and has hosted thousands of teams, athletes, and spectators, representing 25 different states and Canada.  Game Day USA targets destinations that have a great deal to offer sports tourists, including hotels, restaurants, and attractions that will appeal to families and sports enthusiasts.

Game Day USA partners with sports facilities, park districts, youth sports programs, Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) groups, sports commissions, and sponsors from the business community.  Central to the organization's mission is an emphasis on recruiting and managing events that have a positive impact on the local community and economy.

Game Day USA events are managed in a first class, professional manner, as lasting relationships with partners, venues, and participants is of very high importance.

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